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Making Muswell Hill a place where we’re all valued equally

Muswell Hill is known for its community spirit and we want everyone to feel included. That’s why we’re supporting WAVE in their campaign for local businesses to be equally welcoming of people with and without learning disabilities, as customers or employees.

And we’d love our Muswell Business associates to get involved.

WAVE (We’re All Valued Equally) is a Muswell Hill based group, working to:

Help break down barriers, fears, misunderstandings or embarrassment between those with and without learning disabilities


Move us nearer to being neighbourhoods where those with and without learning disabilities can ‘be’ together comfortably

What is your business’ experience in this area?

  • Do you, or have you, employed someone with a learning disability? Or would you like to?
  • Do you have customers with a learning disability? Have you or other employees discussed how best to serve these individuals? If not, would you like some basic guidance on this?

The WAVE Award

We want to encourage local businesses to think about how they can help to create more inclusive community.

A new annual WAVE Award will be presented to a local business which demonstrates clear steps they’ve taken to be more inclusive. That might be through employing people with a learning disability or implementing an approach to customer service that is truly welcoming to everyone.

The award will be presented on Saturday 21st September at the Wave for Change Day event.

To enter: You’ll find an entry form here. All entries to be received by 9th September.

Wave for Change Day, 21st September, 1-5pm (in St James Church)

At the heart of Wave for Change Day is a practical, experience sharing, event for:

  • people/businesses who are already working to be more inclusive
  • and for those who would like to do more but may need guidance to get started

For more information:

Facebook – Wave-We’re All Valued Equally

Twitter – @wave_for_change

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