A Look Back at Traders Week

We’d like to thank Muswellife for their write up of Traders Week:
Muswell Hill’s inaugural trader’s week drew to a nail-biting finish last Saturday, as the local pirate and eager treasure hunters gathered at Cachao Toys to see if their codes opened the chest full of treasure.
credit Mischa Haller
Residents and visitors alike took to the streets to match the shop numbers to the clues, which if added up correctly gave the combination to the lock.  The questions were tricky, but Niall Everest and Morgan both successfully opened the chest and took off with the loot.  Monty Beach also arrived just in time to crack the code, with a fourth entrant Ines Todorova Benoliel taking the consolation prize.
Jennie Hogg, the proprietor of Cachao Toys, and a part of the Broadway since 2015, had this to say “What fun we had with all the kids who took part in the Treasure Hunt! From meeting them in the square to then watching their faces light up as the treasure chest was unlocked, you could see they had a lot of fun solving the clues and getting rewarded for it. I was thrilled to be included in such a fun event.”
credit Mischa Haller
Traders’ Week was conceived jointly by Muswell Hill Traders’ Association and The Friends of St James Square, as a way to give local businesses a boost and to raise awareness of the varied array of goods and services that are available right on our doorstep.  People tried free samples, gathered discount vouchers, and pledged to shop local, all whilst getting to know what Muswell Hill has on offer.  In an increasingly online world, it was an opportunity for local businesses to show all of us the benefits of being able to really see what you’re buying, to get expert advice, and to have an enjoyable outing that only shopping in person affords.
“It was a very enjoyable event” said Peter the Pirate.  “We set 100 youngsters off on the Traders’ Treasure Trail up and down the Broadway. Those who solved the clues turned up at Cachao on Saturday, undid the lock on the Treasure Chest and helped themselves to the contents, including a horde of pieces of eight (with the Queen’s head on!).  Yo Ho Ho.”
An area with a strong community spirit, both Muswell Hill businesses and residents alike enjoy many a reason to get together – stay tuned for the lighting of the bigger and better Christmas tree in December!  Until then, your local shops and businesses are always available to you, and look forward to your custom.
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